Monday, February 12, 2007

Jan 16 Meeting

Featured Speaker
Carol Devine discussed predictions for 2007 using the USA First Congress and USA Sibley charts and George Bush’s chart. A copy of the charts discussed are included. Some highlights of her talk are given below. CDs of her talk will be available at the Feb. meeting for $10.00.* The north node went into Pisces on June 27, 2006 – we’re being drawn to ideas of compassion and sensitivity to others. Examples: charity by celebrities, and corporations such as Walmart.* Mars – consciousness, shifts into a new direction when the NN changes signs. Pisces is disposited by Neptune so we should look at things Neptune rules such as oil.* NY is on a fault line, there was a recent article about gas leaks indicating an earth quake is to come. On Jan 9, 200 ducks were found dead in Boise Idaho.* Saturn transiting opposite Neptune. I take seriously deception, oil leaks, global warming. We should take our environment issues seriously. If we mean what we feel, we should be taking action.
* George Bush chart: o Saturn approaching a square to progressed Jupiter – a need to take one’s thinking seriously and build a new foundation. He has Leo rising and Jupiter rules the 5th, decisions he has made could be based on this Leo. Leo doesn’t like to apologize; won’t culminate this year but is going on.o Neptune in the 3rd house can be creative and imaginative or believe untruths. Neptune rules his 8th and 9th – other people’s power/legislature issues within next 10 months. Saturn transiting Venus indicates loneliness. o Mar 3 – eclipse at 13 Virgo will be close to his Mars at 9 Virgo and progressed Sun at 11 Virgo. o Between April 11 – Jul 10 his popularity may sink lower -- Neptune opposite Venus (rules 4th – his home base); most critical time of year.o Aug 28 – eclipse at 4 Pisceso Oct 19 – progressed Neptune square natal Neptune from mid-Oct to mid-Nov, He may feel perplexed about what decisions to make; could also be something Neptunian going on in Nature and he doesn’t know what to do.o Jan 8 – Jupiter transiting Neptune – a lack of good judgment; in conflict with others judgement.

* U.S. charts – First Congress vs Sibleyo Difficult to decide which chart should be the “real” U.S. Chart

* Dates from First Congress Chart:
Jan 1, 2007o Feb 4 – Saturn opposite Venus (children, ego) – strong public conflict with goals. Saturn rules 7th, Venus rules intercepted 11th and 5th; could feel we have a heavy burden and not reaching our goals.
Jupiter square Sun –unrealistic expectations; Saturn opposite Venus and Mars in 9th – fatigue, tired of situation, Mars by solar arc went into Libra 2 months ago at the time the legislature changed.
o Feb 15 – great release of tension and feeling of a burden lifted, a sudden awakening of people.
o Mar 3 – eclipse opposite Sun conjunct Midheaven – should be a very surprising time and go on for a year.
o Mar 18 – 28 Pisces eclipse – occurred last year at 29 Pisces – the country is having a crisis, i.e. the need to make a choice
o Mar 1 – Pluto stations Sagittarius. Pluto rules intercepted 5th located in the 8thh, gamble of taxpayers money, of other people cooperating. Pluto goes into Capricorn in a couple of years; could have something serious to deal with.
o May 12 – nodes transit Saturno May and June – a serious time regarding deceptions for the publico Late Aug 07 may be critical – Saturn opposite Mars and progressed Moon
o Sep 2 – Saturn in Virgo opposing Libra planets
o Late Oct 07 – progressed Moon square Saturn – public and their powero Progressed Moon square Sun around Thanksgiving 07

* Sibley Chart:
o 2nd house Mercury ? Uranus by Solar Arc conjoins Pluto – a total changeo Transiting Saturn will oppose the Moon in summer 07 – taxes, others imposing will on the people, depression for the country
o Mars went into retrograde last summer for first time in U.S. history; was in Libra the sign of war. Libra rules the 7th – open enemies; perhaps public looking at war differently
o Jan 20 – Uranus squares ASC – surprising news, awakening of country
o Jan 25 – Semisquare Pluto – country was born impatient, throwing out baby with bathwater
o Feb – some confusiono Mar 5 – eclipse 13 Virgo – disruptive eventso Mar 18 – eclipse opposite MC
o Late June – Jupiter goes over ASC
o Aug – Sep – Saturn oppositions
o Dec 07 – Progressed Sun trines Venus; transiting Saturn sextiles the Moon

Educational Session
Kitty Hatcher presented an educational session on the meaning of the planets in the houses. Her presentation is available on CD along with Carole Devine’s talk for $10.00.

May meeting – Jean Moser will speak at 7:00 pm; no beginning class; there will be a round table discussion afterwards. Her talk will be Saturn going into Virgo; Recommending that all bring their charts to discuss Saturn transits.

Member wants assistance learning to calculate a chart by hand for the NCGR exam. Kitty has her email if you are able to provide assistance.

Feb 22 – Potluck at Kitty’s house to put welcome packages together; will display at Welcome table at the NCGR conference; Asking volunteers to man the tables at 2 hour increments during conference.